Connections Museum Equipment Status

Name Numbering Equipment
ADams 2 1-232-xxxx No. 5 Crossbar
Rainier 1-722-xxxx Panel
VErmont 2 1-832-xxxx No. 1 Crossbar
Easton 1-275-xxxx WECo 355A Step-by-Step
Lester 1-657-2xxx North Electric CX-100
Crosby 1-830-xxxx No. 3 ESS


Powered up and directly reachable from C*NET
Powered up and reachable from second dialtone: C*NET 1-232-9999, then seven digits
Powered up but unreachable from C*NET
Powered down

If you're not on C*NET yet, public access is available at several public dial in portals.